Why we always wish to turn everything back to where we started? While we are already aware of making the same mistakes again and again.  

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Love Yourself!

And don’t be too harsh to your heart, I know it’s the deceiver. It took you to wrong while making you feel right. It put you into the terrible situations where you might have sacrificed your dignity, worth and most importantly yourself. But it was all for you and meant to happen, otherwise you wouldn’t […]

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A Part of me.

Part of me wants this breeze to run through deep down my soul and a part of me wants to hide behind the walls. Part of me rolling under the lust of wandering and for a part of me running back to home is all it wants. A part of me wants to dive to […]

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The Culprit!

You always believe, it’s the heart that’s wrongdoer It’s it that keeps beating and leads you to take a torturous ride? It’s it that shudders you and keep pinning all the time? It’s it that reminds you all the bad and carry all the pain. No, it’s not the heart that’s culprit. It’s your mind […]

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