Trees reflect us

Whenever I look at a tree, it feels like I am looking at us. Those branches are we; afar, divided, somewhere around each other but heading towards opposite directions. Advertisements

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Happy New Year!

Now at the end of this year, I am summarizing my experiences and thoughts, not for anybody else but for myself and for one whom this could help. Every day we learn few new things and its not like you start learning from a specific time or age – but its when you start realizing […]

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Life never happens in the same way. It keeps throwing some unprecedented curvy balls to us and even catching /losing is not in our hands.   Advertisements

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Why we give everything of ours to get something that isn’t meant to be ours at all? Advertisements

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Real Women.

Real women are unique, passionate and graceful. More attracted towards respect and compassionate. They know how to be delicate, feeble and endure the pain. While being bold, valiant and brave same time. They love to be in love from head to toe, and they know how to be sour sometimes. Advertisements

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Don’t tell me!!

Don’t tell me your name, tell me what you love to be called Don’t tell me where you’re from, tell me what you dream for Don’t tell me!! Don’t tell me!! Tell me what you ache for and your heart long? Tell me what stays when everything else fall? Tell me!! Just tell me!! Don’t […]

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Nobody Post The Ugliest Picture.

Last night I just tuned in to a local radio channel as I usually do in spare time, leaning against my bed with my phone in my hand. I just found that the girl on radio, who was the show host I guess, was talking about a recent study conducted on Facebook, she stated that […]

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