Life never happens in the same way. It keeps throwing some unprecedented curvy balls to us and even catching /losing is not in our hands.   Advertisements

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Real Women.

Real women are unique, passionate and graceful. More attracted towards respect and compassionate. They know how to be delicate, feeble and endure the pain. While being bold, valiant and brave same time. They love to be in love from head to toe, and they know how to be sour sometimes.

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Don’t tell me!!

Don’t tell me your name, tell me what you love to be called Don’t tell me where you’re from, tell me what you dream for Don’t tell me!! Don’t tell me!! Tell me what you ache for and your heart long? Tell me what stays when everything else fall? Tell me!! Just tell me!! Don’t […]

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Keep It Deep,Within Your Soul.

Few words are not meant to be spoken, you just have to draw in and out like you’re breathing them, only felt but never heard. Sitting on a wooden bench in a park looking all around, watching people busy in their own stuff, cheering, shouting, playing, loving, talking, enjoying and you continuously poking your mind […]

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Deception Of Life

Sometimes your thoughts to you seems blur. You could not even understand what you actually want. Life changes so immensely, and you’re unable to figure out how, when and what has been changed. It’s not because something must have happened in life, it’s because you’ve changed. You’re not the one you used to be one […]

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