Don’t tell me!!

Don’t tell me your name, tell me what you love to be called
Don’t tell me where you’re from, tell me what you dream for

Don’t tell me!! Don’t tell me!!

Tell me what you ache for and your heart long?
Tell me what stays when everything else fall?

Tell me!! Just tell me!!

Don’t tell me you care, tell me what makes you cry
Don’t tell me you love, tell me what you’ll stand for

Don’t tell me!! Don’t tell me!!

Nobody Post The Ugliest Picture.

Last night I just tuned in to a local radio channel as I usually do in spare time, leaning against my bed with my phone in my hand. I just found that the girl on radio, who was the show host I guess, was talking about a recent study conducted on Facebook, she stated that “1 in 3 people feels dissatisfied after visiting Facebook and it makes them depress.”

After hearing this I just wondered for a moment and seriously noticed that it happens. I remember once my friend showed me someone’s profile and said “look at her, her hairs. She looks so beautiful. She is so pretty and blah blah.” I just stalked her and found that she was absolutely pretty lady and attractive as well. She was good enough and I found my friend and her equally beautiful.

But I noticed my friend who all of a sudden started feeling drab. She sat there in front of laptop screen, kept watching her continuously for almost 5 minutes. She was ridiculously fixing herself, fingering her hairs maybe trying to smooth them. I was seeing her face she was looking distraught with her illusory imperfections.

When she caught me staring at her she just put the lid down and asked me in a very innocent way, “What?” and said “how lucky is she, elite class. Why they’re so beautiful. Whatever we try cannot make us as beautiful as they are.” I was listening to her, she was sounding like an ugliest women in the world. She is stunning but I don’t know why she do this when she deems someone better than her. She do this often and I know there will be many other girls too with the same anxieties.

I want to talk to them, I want to ask them how they can judge their selves on the basis of qualities of other people. How they can make themselves feeling ugly based on someone else looks. If you see someone beautiful it doesn’t mean you are not or you are less. What you are seeing on Facebook, is just a golden picture they got after 1000 pictures they took to look perfect because nobody post the ugliest picture of his/her.

Keep It Deep,Within Your Soul.

Few words are not meant to be spoken, you just have to draw in and out like you’re breathing them, only felt but never heard.

Sitting on a wooden bench in a park looking all around, watching people busy in their own stuff, cheering, shouting, playing, loving, talking, enjoying and you continuously poking your mind into irrational judgments about persons like an idiot and wondering how they lie in a different situation than you? Comparing your life with theirs like a goof. Everyone is totally OK, except you and you incessantly asking yourself why? Why so.

Reverting to the old stories and letting the fears to take control and at this very moment you’re losing your faith, your hope and unknowingly yourself. This is the extremely lonely part of your journey. You need someone to speak with, not only for speaking or exchanging few words with, you also want to place your fears and expectations onto them. You want someone to hear you, to do what you want them to do for you, accomplishing your presumptions.

But this is the saddest part, you have people but not those you want or you have them but they’re not willing to hear or they are near but you’re so distant from their heart that they can’t hear the words you speak. At this instant expecting from them is not fair to them.

This is completely normal if they go crazy when you start speaking up for yourself. They’re human, not supposed to hear you or returning what you’ve done for them, and forcing is not gonna work in anyway.

Expecting from them can lead you to extensive damage so it is much better to keep it deep within you, within your Soul than to conveying it to others.

Deception Of Life

Sometimes your thoughts to you seems blur. You could not even understand what you actually want. Life changes so immensely, and you’re unable to figure out how, when and what has been changed. It’s not because something must have happened in life, it’s because you’ve changed. You’re not the one you used to be one two three four or five years ago.You have changed into someone whose perspectives are different.

People and things that used to matter to you are no more of importance. You don’t even give a damn to them. Even your emotions are not same anymore, what you want now is not what you wanted four or five years ago. The glaring reality of life to you is changing everything dramatically, and you don’t wanna hold those things anymore to not let them go but it is hard to acclimate in this situation. You don’t want to lose them either you can’t have them.You just have to accept all the changes you’ve made that you have never ever predicted.

What is all this called? May be growing up.

But how strange is this, despite of all the changes in you it hurts, and wrenches your heart when you realize you’ve grown. You’ve grown enough to left behind some people who were part of your life yesterday. This feeling of growing too fast creates a gap in you and you’re put at a disconcerting fire of conflict .

Yet this is okay! Cause you’re living a life of bitter truths and this the deception of life.

Yes the “deception of Life”.