Regret is hard to escape, no matter if you hide under the multi-layers of soil, vanish in the dark or drown yourself in a mighty sea. It’ll follow you, wherever you flee. Cause it has nothing to do with the world outside but arouses from the home within you. Advertisements

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Love isn’t only the phenomenon of attachment, it is more than taking and giving. Love redefines your aura and transforms you into the unexpected you. It introduces you to the new flavors, the taste of madness, helplessness, scanty, and the heartbreaks.  

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What could be more intense than the loss of a loss that isn’t apparently a loss?

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We are all that we want to be And belong to where we’ve never been. So do not confine yourself within boundaries When you know there is an escape called “Fantasy”.

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This loss.

Did you feel it ever? The ache of loss? Like something is gone from deep inside and you can’tĀ even figure out what exactly it is.

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Some Lost Thoughts.

For me winters have always been intimidating, don’t know why or what’s the connection in between me and the winters – but I feel more passionate, more rational, more dauntless and less frightened. The desire for being me and only me grows somehow and I get myself more aligned with the mantra “My life is […]

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