I want to.

I want to wait for one who worth enough having me, I want to surrender to one who sees me in me. And I want to fall terribly for a soul who deserves mine. But its hurting that we’re not left here with much time.         Advertisements

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“And the irony is; We have to live with our wrong choices and decisions we made, for the rest of our lives. Cause there’s no way of turning back and redo the things. We will stay like this forever until something new cross our paths and mould us into something different.” She said… “You sound […]

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A Raw Piece of Memory.

“Bad stuff happens sometimes.” I put my coffee cup on small brown table in front of my cozy couch and start watching out of the glass window. It’s beautiful this evening and the ocean is so calm and familiar today. I still remember her, her face, her big bright eyes sparkling when she smiles, her […]

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I Like.

 I Like The smell of Rain, And the touch Of cold breeze. The sight of A cloudy sky And a loyal Soul Splendidly Ruined Like me.

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You search for a new me.

You might have pulled me out of your life, Wiped out all the traces. You might believe you put it to an end. But here’s a new start You don’t know! You see new faces, Your heart is refilled. You search, An infatuated, helpless, mesmerized heart Deep, ardent, brined eyes And you seek for a […]

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Humans are unpredictable, downright. Tendered, loving and indulgent at a moment, ruthless, inconsiderate and unsparing same time. They are open books of blank pages, with nothing inscribed on them. The organized surprising species. You cannot claim you know them, they are balls moving into diverse directions, following erratic patterns while formulating no shapes. Scary in […]

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