If I know you, doesn’t mean I know me – but if I know me, I know you for sure.   Advertisements

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Forever is nothing.

And the day would come when you let all the superficials you hold onto slip away from your hands. Realizing forever is nothing, nothing is forever.

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Regret is hard to escape, no matter if you hide under the multi-layers of soil, vanish in the dark or drown yourself in a mighty sea. It’ll follow you, wherever you flee. Cause it has nothing to do with the world outside but arouses from the home within you. Advertisements

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Life is nothing but a journey of finding ourselves as a true reflection of God. We travel in this finite space to discover our infinite self that is nothing but again the God in us. Whatever in this journey pass us by is the part of the divine plan of God, either its a sour […]

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And sometimes all you need is a road trip, good old songs, coffee shops,┬ásunsets, cold nights and surrounded by some good people. People you feel like home with, people who are crazy and you just don’t need to be that other person in front of them.       Advertisements

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No matter where you live or belong to, what society you’ve been developed in and what color your skin has. You’re a human and carry a delicate heart. Kindness is your thing and shattering was never your path.   Advertisements

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Encourage Daughters

Let your daughters choose the freedom, the strength for decisions and their selves, first. Do not make them wear their flaws and foster them as a skin; Do not push them to put their heads down; Do not force them to surrender. Its the society that needs a change now, not they.     Advertisements

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