Be Kind.

And being kind is the most sexiest thing in the entire world. Nothing seduces more than a body with a kind soul.   Advertisements

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Encourage Daughters

Let your daughters choose the freedom, the strength for decisions and their selves, first. Do not make them wear their flaws and foster them as a skin; Do not push them to put their heads down; Do not force them to surrender. Its the society that needs a change now, not they.    

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Ya Rabb.

Ya Rabb, Keep me near You and immersed into Your mercy. I need it from dawn to night and when night turns to dawn. I need it as I need to breath and I need it as I need to live. And if You don’t I won’t be able to survive in this doomed world […]

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Why we always wish to turn everything back to where we started? While we are already aware of making the same mistakes again and again.  

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We are here.

And we are all here To heal each other, Mend our Ripped hearts And Oxygenate Our Drained souls. We are here to Fix each other, And if we don’t We all will stay Like this. Forever.

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