“Gone” she uttered, while staring the void in the darkness. Her gaze was filled with despair and head resting on the side of her comfy chair. She seemed entirely lost in the desolation with a racing heart, gasping in absolute panic and frighten as on the verge, just about to fall. Her lips slightly moving, […]

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Love isn’t only the phenomenon of attachment, it is more than taking and giving. Love redefines your aura and transforms you into the unexpected you. It introduces you to the new flavors, the taste of madness, helplessness, scanty, and the heartbreaks.  

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Life is nothing but a journey of finding ourselves as a true reflection of God. We travel in this finite space to discover our infinite self that is nothing but again the God in us. Whatever in this journey pass us by is the part of the divine plan of God, either its a sour […]

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What could be more intense than the loss of a loss that isn’t apparently a loss?

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We are all that we want to be And belong to where we’ve never been. So do not confine yourself within boundaries When you know there is an escape called “Fantasy”.

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This loss.

Did you feel it ever? The ache of loss? Like something is gone from deep inside and you can’tĀ even figure out what exactly it is.

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