Leaving has always been painful, even if its smallest chunk of you in me. For it to be left I would lose mine too.   Advertisements



Now that I can finally understand, we usually encounter typical while chasing for extraordinary.  

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Taste the change.

“I know you see no logic in what I do or say.” She persuaded. “I sound nonsense to you most of the times, and you might have considered me as insane, immature. But at least I am not heartless, I feel everything deep down from my heart. Get attached too easily and laugh for no […]

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I want to.

I want to wait for one who worth enough having me, I want to surrender to one who sees me in me. And I want to fall terribly for a soul who deserves mine. But its hurting that we’re not left here with much time.        

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Just Random

Sometimes I wonder; how much I’ll be missed, if I leave. I wonder how often I’ll be part of their conversations. And How long I’ll stay in their subconscious.    

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Be Kind.

And being kind is the most sexiest thing in the entire world. Nothing seduces more than a body with a kind soul.  

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