Not all the hurdles, pitfalls and problems you face are a result of anger of Allah Almighty. Sometimes these are blessings beyond any sort of measurements! We are all humans and fall prey to our influential lusts, cravings and libido. We are definitely prone to mistakes and destined to commit sins. But He “The Creator” […]

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Same as before we set apart.

One day we will meet each other for sure, when the stars will be out shining & bright but envious – of our light. Then we both will sit together and feel all the tiredness we had in searching for each other, our sad, weary hearts will start to talk and the silence will scream. […]

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I Like.

 I Like The smell of Rain, And the touch Of cold breeze. The sight of A cloudy sky And a loyal Soul Splendidly Ruined Like me.

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