Leaving has always been painful, even if its smallest chunk of you in me. For it to be left I would lose mine too.   Advertisements



Now that I can finally understand, we usually encounter typical while chasing for extraordinary.  

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Will You?

It’s easy to fall in love and make someone your sole home. But will you stay discovering the seeping ceiling and yelping windows? Will you adjust if the floor claps and the walls vibrate? Will you?      

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Sometimes you’re more; Than you believe you are. Something unrivalled, Something hallucinogenic.

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To Mee.

I know you’re not feeling good these days, you’re ruined, hurt, depressed and guilty far beyond your control. Things are not working as you expected them to be, everything is moving into opposite direction and you’re just helpless to stop it. And now you’re disappointed by you. Oh you poor soul don’t be so hard […]

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I am not easy enough.

I am not easy enough to be handled. You cannot read me as I have layers of emotions that root deep inside me and to peel it off you have to experience all experiences I had. Observe me deeply while undergoing different situations. I am sharp enough to control me and hide what I felt […]

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