My kind of people.

People who find association when surrounded with worn things, desolated, abandoned places and wrecked souls. Their hearts flee ages ago when they ramble across the pages of hundreds of years old books, they embrace the same feelings, imagine the same faces and start to live in the same situations. People who discover¬† the old within […]

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Happy New Year!

Now at the end of this year, I am summarizing my experiences and thoughts, not for anybody else but for myself and for one whom this could help. Every day we learn few new things and its not like you start learning from a specific time or age – but its when you start realizing […]

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What I look like.

You’re beautiful like a dazzling ocean; Tranquil as the flattering morning breeze. Hasten as every passing moment; And helpless like the sun dying on its knees. Advertisements

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All & All.

It’s not only the people that die but hundreds of feelings and thousands of stories too. Advertisements

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And those who just laugh and you consider them funny are truly sad and deep people inside. Brood and neurotic from every inch of their souls. Advertisements

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Leaving has always been painful, even if its smallest chunk of you in me. For it to be left I would lose mine too.   Advertisements



Now that I can finally understand, we usually encounter typical while chasing for extraordinary.   Advertisements

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