Why we give everything of ours to get something that isn’t meant to be ours at all? Advertisements

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Will You?

It’s easy to fall in love and make someone your sole home. But will you stay discovering the seeping ceiling and yelping windows? Will you adjust if the floor claps and the walls vibrate? Will you?      

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Which way to choose? Where I can see all is you, everywhere. Advertisements

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Sometimes you’re more; Than you believe you are. Something unrivalled, Something hallucinogenic. Advertisements

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Oh My Lord.

Oh Lord, my heart is as cold as ice and as hard as a rock. It gets hurt but doesn’t bleed. Oh Lord, open my chest up, so all I bear can sweep inside and shatter the inner me and awaken me. Break me into smaller pieces and assemble again, because what you love the […]

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After all we have to be our own heroes.

So it’s up to us, how we take these cravings and the illustrative pictures in front of us. Talking in excitement, laughing in joy, dancing in happiness, shivering with cold and crying when hurt. It’s up to us how we treat them and how they take us. These little moving sculptures are made to doubt, […]

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Indeed we hurt ourselves badly.

And we have the power to save ourselves from the bad in this brutal world, and its only us who hurt ourselves badly. Advertisements

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