The Culprit!

You always believe, it’s the heart that’s wrongdoer

It’s it that keeps beating and leads you to take a torturous ride?

It’s it that shudders you and keep pinning all the time?

It’s it that reminds you all the bad and carry all the pain.

No, it’s not the heart that’s culprit.

It’s your mind that you’re in battle with!

It’s it that keeps reminding you all and keeps you up at nights.

It’s it that peels off all the wounds and does not let you heal.

It’s it that’s you need to convince, and it’s it that needs to be fixed.

Don’t need you at all.

I am there,


Broken into pieces,

Speckled like sand.

Holding the wrenched,

Wearing heart.


I am there,


Fading in the darkness,

Melting like the snow.


Numb, tainted and giving my all.


Hey, I am there,


Falling, tumbling and down

Playing tough my own,

while hitting the ground.

But the good is

I don’t need you at all.

I don’t need you at all.