And to those, you’re bound and connected deeply. You feel for and the love flows at some high temperature, you think are gifts, and are your true power. Your true passion. Those will draw you close, too close ; and will make you realize, you’re just “nothing”. Advertisements

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Leaving has always been painful, even if its smallest chunk of you in me. For it to be left I would lose mine too.  



Now that I can finally understand, we usually encounter typical while chasing for extraordinary.  

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Taste the change.

“I know you see no logic in what I do or say.” She persuaded. “I sound nonsense to you most of the times, and you might have considered me as insane, immature. But at least I am not heartless, I feel everything deep down from my heart. Get attached too easily and laugh for no […]

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Your horrible sanity is never gonna dissect , If; I was insane Or intellectual beyond your vicinity.

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