No matter where you live or belong to, what society you’ve been developed in and what color your skin has. You’re a human and carry a delicate heart. Kindness is your thing and shattering was never your path.   Advertisements

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To Mee.

I know you’re not feeling good these days, you’re ruined, hurt, depressed and guilty far beyond your control. Things are not working as you expected them to be, everything is moving into opposite direction and you’re just helpless to stop it. And now you’re disappointed by you. Oh you poor soul don’t be so hard […]

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To My Dearest Friend.

Well this can be said at any moment but I believe today is most definitive day to speak. We all meet different people at different stages of life but very few become special and I am so pleased to reveal that you’re so special to me my friend. Sometimes I feel gifted to have such […]

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Ya Rabb.

Ya Rabb, Keep me near You and immersed into Your mercy. I need it from dawn to night and when night turns to dawn. I need it as I need to breath and I need it as I need to live. And if You don’t I won’t be able to survive in this doomed world […]

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Isn’t it enough to make it happen?

I might not be the most joyous, adventurous, literate, rich, brave and beautiful person in this universe but I can hold your hand to endorse you when you fear your inner fears. I can have faith in you when you lose strength to fight against the storms of chaos. I can let myself  burn inside […]

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After all we have to be our own heroes.

So it’s up to us, how we take these cravings and the illustrative pictures in front of us. Talking in excitement, laughing in joy, dancing in happiness, shivering with cold and crying when hurt. It’s up to us how we treat them and how they take us. These little moving sculptures are made to doubt, […]

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You might find me as fearless and selfish – because you see I do not get afraid of things you do. I don’t worry about if the sky will fall or the earth will burst into pieces? I do not pay attention to people you do?  Why should I concern to these when I have […]

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