“Gone” she uttered, while staring the void in the darkness. Her gaze was filled with despair and head resting on the side of her comfy chair. She seemed entirely lost in the desolation with a racing heart, gasping in absolute panic and frighten as on the verge, just about to fall. Her lips slightly moving, […]

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Some Lost Thoughts.

For me winters have always been intimidating, don’t know why or what’s the connection in between me and the winters – but I feel more passionate, more rational, more dauntless and less frightened. The desire for being me and only me grows somehow and I get myself more aligned with the mantra “My life is […]

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“And the irony is; We have to live with our wrong choices and decisions we made, for the rest of our lives. Cause there’s no way of turning back and redo the things. We will stay like this forever until something new cross our paths and mould us into something different.” She said… “You sound […]

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Will You?

It’s easy to fall in love and make someone your sole home. But will you stay discovering the seeping ceiling and yelping windows? Will you adjust if the floor claps and the walls vibrate? Will you?       Advertisements

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Oh My Lord.

Oh Lord, my heart is as cold as ice and as hard as a rock. It gets hurt but doesn’t bleed. Oh Lord, open my chest up, so all I bear can sweep inside and shatter the inner me and awaken me. Break me into smaller pieces and assemble again, because what you love the […]

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The sadness they don’t know, the sadness they can’t see.

Most of them often wonder the sadness of emptiness, the sadness of loneliness and the sadness of being lost. The sadness that spreads all over, the sadness that keeps flowing like blood and penetrates into the veins. The sadness that covers everything out even in the illuminating days and the sadness that howls under the […]

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Indeed we hurt ourselves badly.

And we have the power to save ourselves from the bad in this brutal world, and its only us who hurt ourselves badly. Advertisements

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