This Feeling

This dire feeling of not being enough has always been ruinous to people. Ravaging their souls inside, Leaving only the pieces of flesh intact.   Advertisements

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And those who care; Make an effort. At least.

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Oh My Lord.

Oh Lord, my heart is as cold as ice and as hard as a rock. It gets hurt but doesn’t bleed. Oh Lord, open my chest up, so all I bear can sweep inside and shatter the inner me and awaken me. Break me into smaller pieces and assemble again, because what you love the […]

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Same as before we set apart.

One day we will meet each other for sure, when the stars will be out shining & bright but envious – of our light. Then we both will sit together and feel all the tiredness we had in searching for each other, our sad, weary hearts will start to talk and the silence will scream. […]

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The sadness they don’t know, the sadness they can’t see.

Most of them often wonder the sadness of emptiness, the sadness of loneliness and the sadness of being lost. The sadness that spreads all over, the sadness that keeps flowing like blood and penetrates into the veins. The sadness that covers everything out even in the illuminating days and the sadness that howls under the […]

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Don’t need you at all.

I am there, Still, Broken into pieces, Speckled like sand. Holding the wrenched, Wearing heart.   I am there, Still, Fading in the darkness, Melting like the snow. Tearing, Numb, tainted and giving my all.   Hey, I am there, Still, Falling, tumbling and down Playing tough my own, while hitting the ground. But the […]

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