You might find me as fearless and selfish – because you see I do not get afraid of things you do. I don’t worry about if the sky will fall or the earth will burst into pieces? I do not pay attention to people you do?  Why should I concern to these when I have my own plate in front of me? Fully embellished!

I have fears but they’re my own, hidden, melded under my skin and that your sightless eyes cannot see. I fear about letting things go that hurt me the most, I fear about falling for what I love, I fear to fight, I fear to cry, I fear to believe, I fear to be called stupid with no judgment skills, I fear to be heard and I fear to move on.

I have fears that scare me to death – but I have the courage, unflinching hope, deep humility and the resilience to live with these.  And this do the magic, this makes me FEARLESS to you.

Life & Its Plans

Believing in what happens in your life is your fate and surely has something better for you, will lead you to a high level of serenity.

While this is true, what you get is directly linked to what you do. How much you crave for your desires and how hard you work for your dreams increases the probability of making them reality. You have the power to determine what comes next in your life. This is all true.

But what if despite trying everything what your desires need to be fulfilled, you still remain empty handed. This will cause a disharmony and confusion in you. It will lead you to a situation where unanswered questions will be seeping in everywhere.

Why this happened to me? I tried everything, yet why not?

What now? What you can do now?

Don’t evaluate your life according to your desires. Life doesn’t always allow you to have what exactly you want. Life is the name of accepting reality openheartedly and with grace. Life has its own plans for you.

So stop arguing with yourself it will bring only sufferings for you.  Turn away from the battle with yourself, stop destroying your peace. What’s not yours will never be yours.

“No matter how hard you try to plan your life, life has a plan for you all of its own.”