Neither good nor bad, I am lost somewhere in between.

I’m cold and sour sometimes; sometimes ostensibly fleecy like snow. Drowning sometimes under the veneer of memories while sometimes swaying over the ocean all alone. Sometimes I run away to defy these hollow conventions and then being pulled back again with my laborious soul.

I am starving severely for love at moments and sometimes crave for not being adored anymore. Sometimes preaching morality is my utmost desire and sometimes I’m cruelest the most.

Oh you!

I am neither good nor bad; I am lost somewhere in between. I am lost somewhere in between.

The Culprit!

You always believe, it’s the heart that’s wrongdoer

It’s it that keeps beating and leads you to take a torturous ride?

It’s it that shudders you and keep pinning all the time?

It’s it that reminds you all the bad and carry all the pain.

No, it’s not the heart that’s culprit.

It’s your mind that you’re in battle with!

It’s it that keeps reminding you all and keeps you up at nights.

It’s it that peels off all the wounds and does not let you heal.

It’s it that’s you need to convince, and it’s it that needs to be fixed.

Don’t need you at all.

I am there,


Broken into pieces,

Speckled like sand.

Holding the wrenched,

Wearing heart.


I am there,


Fading in the darkness,

Melting like the snow.


Numb, tainted and giving my all.


Hey, I am there,


Falling, tumbling and down

Playing tough my own,

while hitting the ground.

But the good is

I don’t need you at all.

I don’t need you at all.

Why does she write?

“Why do you write?” Somebody asked her.

“I do write because I cannot just speak, and believe this is the more expressive way to pour out what haunts me.”

“Oh I…” She murmured.

“These are not only words, these are the feelings wrapped into the letters, these are the longings that supplicate to be taken care and these are the traces for him to come and follow me. And I know – One day he would be able to reach it, one day he would get to know, how often & intensely I used to miss him. I write because I want him to feel all I feel, to hear what I never say and to go through all I have in my mind, continuously repeated.”

“I want him to have this all, at least once.”

I will be there, there for you.

No I will never say I don’t love you.

Love does not come with packages, it has no specific form either. When I say “I love you” – I mean it. I say it from my heart that you can’t see, I say it from my soul that you can’t feel and I say it from all the desires that have been gathered in me, since long.

It’s you who left the path, it’s you who turned back from the way and it’s you who lacks the courage to stay.

But I will be there, there for you.

I will be there when your heart will be broken and things will not go right. When you will be sitting in the dark bare sky and craving for affection. When you will be turned to a pathetic mess, unrecognizable and would become completely deplorable.

Then, my thunderous Love will come and will swirl around you. It will hold you tight until you feel warm and start melting. It will touch the inner you, and will start filling the echoing, empty, hollow soul of you.