A Part of me.

Part of me wants this breeze to run through deep down my soul and a part of me wants to hide behind the walls. Part of me rolling under the lust of wandering and for a part of me running back to home is all it wants.

A part of me wants to dive to a vast, blue frosty ocean; touch the coldest part, shivering to the soul and a part of me is afraid to be felt drowning all alone.

A Part of me still long for every single touch of yours with all the love instilled, and a part of me wants to turn over the days to ensure we had never met at all.

And I don’t know what I want.

Don’t tell me!!

Don’t tell me your name, tell me what you love to be called
Don’t tell me where you’re from, tell me what you dream for

Don’t tell me!! Don’t tell me!!

Tell me what you ache for and your heart long?
Tell me what stays when everything else fall?

Tell me!! Just tell me!!

Don’t tell me you care, tell me what makes you cry
Don’t tell me you love, tell me what you’ll stand for

Don’t tell me!! Don’t tell me!!

We Are Afraid.



We are all afraid of something knowingly or unknowingly; from deep, opaque, gigantic seas, elevated mountains, big dreadful machines and sometimes from a single sweet word that might awake love in us.

Why we would be afraid of love? Did you wonder, ever? There must be a reason, or more than one. We might be afraid of losing, hurting, sympathy, affection, commitments and sometimes not being loved back.

Although they say LOVE needs no reward, its unconditional, not supposed to payed back. But it’s wrong, all wrong, completely.  Love is not a feeling only, it’s a desire that gets stronger by every single passing moment. When you love; you want it back, you don’t admit but want it with the same intensity.

You fight for attention, do silly things, laugh for no reasons and speak from heart. The more you get involve, more the desire gets evolved. You open your chest up, and leave yourself vulnerable to the deepest. But what? If they don’t see it, they don’t see the heart filled with love. It will hurt you, simply and badly. It will tear you apart – and this is what you are afraid of.