This loss.

Did you feel it ever? The ache of loss? Like something is gone from deep inside and you can’t even figure out what exactly it is. Advertisements

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Some Lost Thoughts.

For me winters have always been intimidating, don’t know why or what’s the connection in between me and the winters – but I feel more passionate, more rational, more dauntless and less frightened. The desire for being me and only me grows somehow and I get myself more aligned with the mantra “My life is […]

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No Wonder.

Don’t you care about how this story of yours will end up in this universe. Like thousands of other chaos and heartbreaks, this earth will swallow yours too.

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Doesn’t Matter. (Experiences)

It doesn’t matter if you have a pretty face or a kind heart; It doesn’t matter if you have been loyal and honest. It Doesn’t matter if you have spent years caring for them; It Doesn’t matter if you’ve given them your soul. It doesn’t matter if it’s your love that nourished them; And no matter […]

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Maybe I wasn’t afraid of falling, maybe you were not strong enough to hold your arms out to catch me.    

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Be Cautious.

Don’t be afraid of meeting people, My Friend. But be afraid of not meeting right people. For everyone you meet has a great influence on your life And capable of either turning you into a masterpiece or a pathetic mess.    

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