Happy New Year!

Now at the end of this year, I am summarizing my experiences and thoughts, not for anybody else but for myself and for one whom this could help. Every day we learn few new things and its not like you start learning from a specific time or age – but its when you start realizing […]

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This Feeling

This dire feeling of not being enough has always been ruinous to people. Ravaging their souls inside, Leaving only the pieces of flesh intact.  

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A poet

“A poet” She whispered in her soft, charming voice and turned back to me, her gleaming eyes started to make their way to my soul, cutting through deeply. I raised my hand and pull her closer irresistibly. She was so tempting and attractive, still looking into my yearning eyes. Suddenly a complacent smile emerged across […]

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She is deliberately difficult to interpret; more and much they would ever imagine. Vacuous and expressive, both austere and genial completely, lewd often and decent too. All, they ever wished for and refrained from.

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Just words.

When being in a battle with your mind for something and grinding yourself into the Shards every day; Is less painful than letting it go. Then for you; Giving up is much harder than whipping yourself up repeatedly.

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