Be crazy and undeniably yourself. Chase your passion and wear your heart. Laugh so hard that they can witness joy in your tears. Advertisements

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Be Kind.

And being kind is the most sexiest thing in the entire world. Nothing seduces more than a body with a kind soul.  

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Encourage Daughters

Let your daughters choose the freedom, the strength for decisions and their selves, first. Do not make them wear their flaws and foster them as a skin; Do not push them to put their heads down; Do not force them to surrender. Its the society that needs a change now, not they.    

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All of us transform into something good from something bad and change from something generous to something dire. However, what’s important is the one dominating.  

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“And the irony is; We have to live with our wrong choices and decisions we made, for the rest of our lives. Cause there’s no way of turning back and redo the things. We will stay like this forever until something new cross our paths and mould us into something different.” She said… “You sound […]

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