Reminder to self

This happens and this might happen again when sometimes despite of all your efforts and good intentions you’re gonna lose. You’re gonna lose one of the dearest thing you could ever possess. Yes! The dearest one – perhaps this is how it would have to happen and this would be the one and only thing […]

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Trees reflect us

Whenever I look at a tree, it feels like I am looking at us. Those branches are we; afar, divided, somewhere around each other but heading towards opposite directions.

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Night in Cities

When the day turns to grey, And the sky starts to fuse in dark. Wander in cities, to see the gold hoard burning within people made up of pure rust. Advertisements

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If I know you, doesn’t mean I know me – but if I know me, I know you for sure.   Advertisements

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My kind of people.

People who find association when surrounded with worn things, desolated, abandoned places and wrecked souls. Their hearts flee ages ago when they ramble across the pages of hundreds of years old books, they embrace the same feelings, imagine the same faces and start to live in the same situations. People who discover¬† the old within […]

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“All die.” She Continued… “But some people do not die sudden death, they die gradually, a little in every moment; in immeasurable chunks.” “They grow old inside and wreck in minutes & hours of desolation. Their skin pales, heart stalls and eyes get wrinkles around.” “They die within their selves.” “They die one of the […]

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Happy New Year!

Now at the end of this year, I am summarizing my experiences and thoughts, not for anybody else but for myself and for one whom this could help. Every day we learn few new things and its not like you start learning from a specific time or age – but its when you start realizing […]

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