After all we have to be our own heroes.

So it’s up to us, how we take these cravings and the illustrative pictures in front of us. Talking in excitement, laughing in joy, dancing in happiness, shivering with cold and crying when hurt. It’s up to us how we treat them and how they take us. These little moving sculptures are made to doubt, to fear, to blemish, to elate, to love, to hide and to reveal what they got.

So we.

We hide everything and bury it inside through shutting all the doors. We let it eat us bit by bit. Oh yes we do, without knowing and we let it destroy us to an extent that’s called fatal. And then we expect someone to come over with his/her super powers, we expect them to listen, to understand without judging and to heal us.

There’s nobody who can do so, we are all same. Undergoing different situations, but still alike. And it’s only us who have to listen ourselves, care our bodies and love our souls. It’s us who will always be there in good or bad to celebrate or to rescue and it should have been us.  Only us. This is hard, we know but we are not ordinary. We are made to deal with hardest.

After all we have to be our own heroes.



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