Same as before we set apart.

One day we will meet each other for sure, when the stars will be out shining & bright but envious – of our light. Then we both will sit together and feel all the tiredness we had in searching for each other, our sad, weary hearts will start to talk and the silence will scream. I will look at you and you will look at me, years will be gone, memories will be faded yet the scars will be more prominent on our faces.

And the crazy, maddening love will ask our warm souls – what’s this numbness for?

What took so long to meet? Why the love wasn’t enough to reach?

Then our souls will speak and will hold the moment their dearly beloved meet. Deprived feelings will start to mourn upon all that’s gone, you & I will foolishly smile, our voices will be tucked to our throats and we won’t be able to utter a single word.

The chaos will refill the Sky same as before we set apart.

Same as before we set apart.

set apart


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