Love Yourself!

And don’t be too harsh to your heart, I know it’s the deceiver. It took you to wrong while making you feel right. It put you into the terrible situations where you might have sacrificed your dignity, worth and most importantly yourself. But it was all for you and meant to happen, otherwise you wouldn’t have become YOU – the one you are supposed to be. Don’t believe you are bad if you have commit wrong, sometimes good people have to grind into dust to be built, once again. All new and influential.

This is how Allah wanted you to learn. How would you realize the pain of someone else if you haven’t gone through it, ever? How would you forgive mistakes of others if you haven’t made yourself? And how would you adore the blessings of patience if there was nothing drawn from you?

This is how He teaches, so be grateful to Him for what you had. Believe He is with you and would turn you to a masterpiece in the most magical and unexpected ways.



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