“Nothing burns like the cold.”

Nothing burns like the cold.

How beautiful and profound it is. Winters are always cold, cold enough to warm you up and beautiful like silver globe. The old memories come and swirl around you like a fluffy coat and drag you to decades ago. To an era of thousands of stories, mostly the unsaid, that resides in the castle of old pale gold. Where the moist frosty wind touches you and flurry snow begins to fall.

It’s the time, when you sit and watch. Watch the fine nights illuminated with stars and crystal shinning snow dwelling upon the earth. When the blizzard shakes the windows and you close all the shutters. Then you recall, every single day that has been passed away. You recall the plants and trees, the skies and seas. The faces that are no more clear and the passion, the emotions and so much more.

This lit a fire in you, burns out the coldness and touches your soul to the deep inside you. This gloom your thoughts and lead you to right there you left. It shakes you up and warm every single atom of your body.


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