Polar, could you see that? Feah said.
What? What Feah?
The sky, it is darkest… Darkest than ever.
Feah, could you see that?
The stars, they are eloquent, more than ever.


Nights are darker, I am afraid of them. They are powerful with their endless, deep, frowzy blackness, covering everything out. Isn’t it scary to you? The coldness, I can feel it. The smell of tears under this bare sky, its’ all scary. People go out and get disappeared suddenly in the whole black. These clouds, these are fumes of sobbing. Sobbing of the ones who are lost in the deep shadow of this endless vault.

Do you know why they are dark? They are dark, because they are speckled. Specked With the patches of sorrow and grief. This wind, it’s filled with the eternal chaos that are never heard and would never be.

Feah.. Can you see that moon?

Yes, it’s beautiful, bright and shinning.

Do you know?


It will never shine without this darkness. Time fades away everything so the blackness. All the sorrows and the griefs. This wind will let you feel, what’s never felt before and the calmness will let you hear what’s never heard before.

See, see through my eyes. These clouds are the ashes of glitters, glitter that falls when someone smile.


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