The Most Difficult Part Of Life.

disIn my opinion the most difficult part of life is the one you’re living with your past.

Living with the guilt of mistakes made by you either done intentionally or unintentionally, living with the memories that never fades away.

Whatever you do, wherever you go there is a chunk in you that will keep pinning you. No matter how hard you try to escape, it will make you to tear yourself down and make you feel guilty, make you feel wrecked.

You cannot escape, you cannot escape from those emotions, and you can still feel what you used to feel years ago. Your days are no longer fresh, you don’t live any moment without any association.It affects you, it affects your mind badly. You’re not present there, because you’re back in your mind, thinking and just thinking. Your present is not healthy one, it’s poisonous.

You’re not the only one suffering from this. There are thousands of people undergoing the same situation. This thing bother them badly, and one day will lead them to something disastrous.

But the question is not who else is living with the same curse, the question is how to get rid of it. How? How to leave that guilt behind ,how to kill those emotions you still have in you.This question is not that easy to answer, but a feeble solution can be suggested that can work for you, May be.

Your problems can never be solved by others, its you who can resolve it for you.You have to learn how to manage your memories. You need a negotiation between you and your brain, you need to tell yourself what’s gone is gone. Those faults, errors, blunders mistakes you made, tell them your guilt is enough for them. You have given a lot, now no more, no more days to sacrifice.


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