“Let the people answer you”

How strange is this! I’m completely stunned, people these days are living an awful and miserable life. Completely believing in what they assume being unaware of the reality. Living in a castle of contemplations build by their own blight mind, while retorting to their self-created hollow inquiries about others.

Isn’t it something bizarre? Something Insane! Building a concrete wall for your own and all of sudden breaking it brick by brick cause it wasn’t letting you breathe. What’s the purpose you’re building for? Protection? Yeah, May be. But is this the only way? I guess no.Why not the other ways? Why Not?

Why you’re erecting a fence of questions around you? And if you’re doing so, then why embracing the impatient responses generated by yourself. Why you’re not letting the situation or people to respond. What resides into your head or what sight your eye covers isn’t the whole depiction. Let the time paint it for you. Let the people answer you.



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