Soon Sakeser

It was a fine morning I set the alarm to wake me up in time because on this day I was going to visit this tremendous place. We (all my fellows) traveled almost 6 hours to avail the opportunity to soothe our eyes with the extra ordinary beauty of this land. Something was so special about this place.

May be the cloudless sky or the high cliffs catching the golden rays of sun or the moist and chilly breeze touching our souls and making us feel alive. We hiked for 7 to 10 minutes to witness this alluring beauty of nature. All the girls and boys walking and busy in their own stuff heading towards their destination, was unaware of what was going to amaze them. That sight assaulted our senses for a moment.

The spectacular view of lush green fields surrounding a cascade of liquid crystals was truly amazing. We visited almost every nook and cranny of that place. Few of us gathered together on the cliffs and captured their selves to live this moment again and again. It was a wonderful place and will remain always in my memory.You have to visit this place to believe in its magical beauty.



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